In every community, the local church congregation represents the Church of Jesus. We believe that through the process of discipleship, God’s will and purpose for each congregation is to be a loving, caring, and sensitive community of believers.

At Grace Tabernacle Baptist Church, our existence and purpose is demonstrate a spiritual, social and cultural understanding of the Church of Jesus in an ever-changing society, based on the unchanging Word of God. We envision:

  • A growing congregation—in both size and spirit—in which all members discover and celebrate the grace of God in a personal experience of salvation.
  • A congregation where the Holy Spirit is the driving force, energizer and teacher in shaping us into one body; we seek to discover our gifts and collectively use them to build the body of Christ.
  •  A church that understands and practices its missionary work: aiding peace and unrelentingly taking a stand against injustice and classism.
  • A congregation that reaches out to those who are hurting, offers a renewed sense of hope for those who are hopeless, provides direction and purpose for our youth and children, and affirms the value and dignity of humans, regardless of race, age or social status.
  • A church where the infallible Word of God is the window into the heart of God, and the basis of our future hope.
  • A vibrant music ministry that allows worshipers of all ages a rich praise and worship experience.
  • A church where worship service is driven by the Holy Spirit. Anyone, wounded, disillusioned or brokenhearted, can come to find Christ as the center of worship. All will find that love is demonstrated in abundance.