The ministries of Grace Tabernacle are prayerfully and thoughtfully designed
• To foster spiritual and personal growth among believers
• To provide opportunities for Christian services as an expression of obedience to the command of our Lord Jesus Christ and the cultivation of the gifts given by the Holy Spirit
• To respond with a deep sensitivity to the realities of a Post-modern society and our immediate context.

Grace Tabernacle holds unwaveringly to the integrity and authority of scriptures as the written revelation of God’s mind for our understanding of the unfolding of the events of history; an understanding of god’s intentions for god’s people and society in general; for the mission and destiny of the Church of Jesus Christ. We hold to a dynamic interpretive understanding of the scriptures, ever mindful of the unchanging character of God.
Bible study is interesting, interactive and Bible-centered.

Study opportunities are Wednesdays 6:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.

This ministry focuses on providing age-appropriate activities for our children which seek to teach them a basic understanding of God, church, family and world and how to come to an understanding of their need to receive Jesus as Savior. There are a variety of activities available:
• Children’s church
• Harvest Celebration
• Christmas celebration
• Vacation bible school
• Sunday school
• Children’s choir

Our Christian Education Ministry is designed to offer all areas of our church educational opportunities, which focus on cutting-edge issues and provocative materials and models with a thoroughly biblical emphasis.

The Diaconate of Grace Tabernacle is a body of god’s servants who serve the congregation with great care, compassion, and Christian integrity.

  • They are counselors to the pastor on matters of congregational concerns.
  • Maintain a yoke-relationship with members and families of our congregations.
  • Supervise and administer our benevolent fund.
  • They prepare candidates for baptism and assist in the baptismal rite.
  • Participate in worship leadership.
  • Serve holy communionPromote biblical discipline in the congregation and guide erring members to healthy standing in our congregation.
  • Lead in prayer service
  • Teach bible study in the absence of the pastor.

The need to provide in depth growth opportunities in one’s faith journey is an actual mandate of the word of God (Matt 28: 19-20). Our Evangelism & Discipleship Ministry explores creative and relevant ways to win lost souls to Christ and be witnesses to the Christian faith. An on-going emphasis is placed on each believer “…. Grow in the grace and the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.” The evangelism & discipleship ministry holds community outreach events, retreats, and conferences and encourages accessing growth opportunities within our congregation and in other approved Christian contexts.

Our fiscal officers deport themselves with a keen understanding of what it means to be stewards of God’s possessions. They administer their responsibilities with
• Painstaking effort to be accurately accountable for all funds
• Judiciously responsible in the administration of our budget
• Maintain admirable fiduciary integrity
• Oversee the maintenance and up-keep of our property with great diligence.

Nurses and other health and safety personnel hold specialize events to address various aspects of health and safety concerns. These include:

  • Attention to health dietary practices.
  • Monitoring of health indicators.
  • Encourage physical activities.
  • Home safety.
  • Geriatric and end-of-life concerns.
  • Communicable diseases.

Our Marriage Ministry offers exciting opportunities in small groups:
• To do studies
• Discussions
• Sharing
• Focus on building strong relationships among spouses
• Offer creative dating suggestions among spouses
• To hold retreats
• Annual Valentines Banquet

The purpose of the Media Ministry is to creatively utilize technology to promote evangelism and discipleship within our church and community.

The Men’s Ministry offers the men of our church and community the opportunity to discover their roles in church, home and community.

  • It fosters fellowship among our men.
  • Provides an opportunity for sharing life’s experiences, especially in the areas of marriage, parenting, professional and business challenges and how to incorporate these in their Christian commitment and profession
  • Mentor our young men.
  • Develops leadership skills among young men.
  • Participates in recreational and sports activities.
  • Offers financial sponsorship of our young men as occasions arise.
  • Fellowship is held on a monthly basis.

Our missions outreach emphasis is driven by the words of our lord Jesus Christ found in Matthew 25: 31-46

  • We invest and participate in the alleviation of hunger in our community and worldwide. We are actively involved in the issues which affect both people who are formerly incarcerated and currently incarcerated along with their families
  • Participate in denominational fellowship and outreach activities.

Our Music Ministry adheres to the principle that music in the church is first and foremost an artistic expression of acceptable worship to God. Our sanctuary choir, youth choir, ensemble and children’s choir are the groups that provide our worship experience with God honouring praise. We embrace all genre of music that communicate a Christian message consistent with scriptures and glorifies God.

Our small groups experiences are based on bible precedents: (Acts 2:46, 5:43, 8:3; 16:40: 20:20; Romans 16:5; 1 Cor 16:19; and Col. 4:15)

  • This ministry provides an arena to practice genuine fellowship among brothers and sisters.
  • Offers a non-threatening environment within which the word of God may be grasped and applied with a greater opportunity for asking questions.
  • Provides the accountability a believer needs to grow as a Christian.
  • Offers a real opportunity for support in times of stress.
  • Provides a truly non-threatening atmosphere in which to share one’s faith with unbelievers, whether with one’s immediate neighbors or co-workers.


Sunday School is held each Sunday morning at 9:30 a.m. for all ages. Lessons are geared to enhance Bible knowledge, build Christian character, and facilitate healthy Christian relationships. We are Christ-centered and Bible-based.

The Youth Ministry at Grace Tabernacle is geared to
• Instill Christian values in our youth
• Encourage the public expression of their faith development
• Build character
• Be discriminating in life’s choices
• Give support in the storms of adolescent development
• Encourage educational excellence in school
• Offer educational enrichment activities
• Sponsor youth retreats and annual overnight lock-in at church with adult supervision
• Encourage attendance at national youth gatherings and conventions
• Provide leadership for our annual Youth Sunday
• Producing annual easter and Christmas pageants
• Engage in creative praise dance
• Encourage participation in youth choir
• Participate in Junior Church
• Assist in Children’s Church.

The Women’s Ministry is an opportunity for women to grow in their faith through fellowship, study, prayer, celebrations, trips, visitations, and mentoring of our young women. Fellowship is held monthly.

Our culturally diverse menus are a well-talked-about feature of our church life. Our Hospitality Ministry makes a special effort to not only satisfy an appetite but to leave a taste – a memory that induces a return visit. Their services are on display with satisfying frequency.

This is one of the most crucial ministries in the life of our congregation. It focuses on creating and maintaining a welcoming, comfortable, and friendly environment in our worship services for both visitors and all worshippers. Christian courtesy and friendliness are strongly stressed.